About Us

Our Company

Founded in 2022 by Neil Taylor, Sarah Groom & Dave Groom, Candle Scents was born out of a passion to realise a dream.  Not satisfied with our day jobs (working for the local authority, public transport and retail), we needed more.  We share a passion for all things wax & scents, and we wanted to share that passion far and wide!  Candle Scents is proud to be a family owned and family run business.

Our Team

Neil Taylor

Sarah Groom

Dave Groom

Neil is 40 and is Sarah’s brother.  Neil has worked for the local authority for nearly 16 years.  Like Sarah and Dave, he has a passion for all things scented and wanted to share that passion with as many people as he could. 

Sarah is 37 and is Neil’s sister and has been married to Dave for 14 years.  Sarah has worked in retail for many years.  As Sarah & Dave’s children grew older they had more time to devote to their passion and share it!

Dave is 43 and married to Sarah.  He has been working in public transport for 22 years starting off as a driver and finally as a supervisor.  Dave is the IT one and keeps all our boring back office bits up to date. 

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